Face to Face with People on the Other Side of the Wall.

The exhibition “Look at me in the eyes! Face to face with people on the other side of the wall” is a photographic compendium of portraits of Mexicans and Central Americans who travel the streets, as well as daily life, captured by the photographer’s absorbed eye, in a spontaneous way, without any studio resources.

This series seeks an approach with the Dartmouth College community to unveil everything that darkens the judgment towards these faces. It is a genuine approach to open artistic windows of empathy. It is an invitation to navigate in the gaze of these faces on the other side of the wall and to understand their humanity.

Be ready to discover gestures of an ancestral cultural identity behind the photographed eyes.

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Builders of the future
Gardeners  in the desert
Death “face to face”
Precious seeds
Cultural greatness
Mayan alive
Industrial specialists
Centro de Apoyo a Indígenas Migrantes en Cancún

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